Son 10 with ASD and we are finding it so hard.

My son is 10 and is diagnosed with ASD, his violent outburst when things don’t go right are getting out of control. We have 3 other children who are not on the spectrum and my husband is my sons carer and I go to work but I’m becoming more worried when I am at work because he recently threw a PS4 controller at my head which resulted in me having concussion when I was standing on the stairs and all I did was ask what was wrong (his ps4 wasn’t loading). I do 12 hour shifts and worry about what if he did that and my husband was knocked down the stairs or what if he did it to his younger siblings. He destroys everything in sight when having a melt down and will attach anyone in the same room. I’m so worried about him getting older and stronger. He has tried numerous medication which made no difference, I’m just at a loss. 

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