cannabis oil

Our 3 year old boy is in the final process of officially being diagnosed, and we are probably like many  other families , in that we are always online desperately looking for help/ advice  that  may  help our boy, we have come  across articles on cannabis oil  ( albeit mainly on  American sites ) has any one got any views on this? Is it legal here ,does it help, has anyone any experience of it ? 

  • No, it isn't legal here and I would take a very dim view of any parent administering drugs to children. I'd have to question what you hope to achieve by using any type of chemical cosh on a child, legal or otherwise.

    My best advice would be to be a proper parent - learn your child and help him. Blatting his brain is, in my view, abuse of the worst kind. Others will think differently.

    Adult choices are a vastly different matter and are not relevant to your post.

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