Mental illness

The job centre have now referred me to the government RESTART scheme, run by a private company called Maximus.

Yesterday I had my induction, phone appointment.  As part of this induction they asked about my health and disabilities and the women on the line often repeated what I said, to double check the accuracy.  I mentioned autism, she repeated, ' you suffer from the mental illness autism.'

  • An update on this madness.

    Last week's session with the Moving forward scheme at the job centre was cancelled at short notice and rearranged for this week.

    So this week, my diary reads.

    Monday, Maximus, Restart scheme at the deaf and blind centre.

    Tuesday, Moving forward scheme at job centre.

    Thursday, universal credit job search review at job centre.

    Yesterday's moving forward scheme at the job centre was 'mad', I was there ten minutes, on job centre premises on the moving forward scheme.  when I received a phone call from the job centre asking where I was because I was missing my job centre appointment and my benefits would be affected.

    It turned out that the individual running the moving forward scheme was not a universal credit work coach, and a universal credit client can only see universal credit work coaches, so my moving forward appointment was booked to see a different person, rather than the person I was actually seeing.   Confused?   It's how their computer system works.

  • thats doesnt surprise me at all.  they are all disconnected  and you are like a pawn. 

    Dont let them get to you

    once u have attended everything, they will have exhausted their options.

    but keep your eyes open for genuine people who perhaps can get you work you would enjoy,,,,,, or be just good people to know and when something comes up they'll contact u.

  • Let me elaborate on this insanity.

    They were trying to get round the limitations of the computerized booking system.

    I am on UC and I can only be booked into seeing a UC workcoach.

    The person I was supposed to see on the moving forward scheme is NOT a UC workcoach.

    So they booked me into seeing a UC workcoach and the moving forward scheme.

    I arrived and was shown to the moving forward scheme, meanwhile, simultaneously a UC workcoach in a different part of the building was expecting an appointment with me.

    Chaos and confusion.

  • thats like a TV sketch !

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