Mental illness

The job centre have now referred me to the government RESTART scheme, run by a private company called Maximus.

Yesterday I had my induction, phone appointment.  As part of this induction they asked about my health and disabilities and the women on the line often repeated what I said, to double check the accuracy.  I mentioned autism, she repeated, ' you suffer from the mental illness autism.'

  • That was ignorant. Autism is not a mental illness.

  • Robert, contact the job centre and speak to the work coach who referred you to Maximus. Tell them that before you start this scheme, you need the input of a DEA (Disability Employment Advisor) to identify any specialised support or adjustments that need to be in place for you before you start. You are expected to undertake any training provided by the job centre (or the third parties it sub-contacts to provide training) without the required support and adjustments first being agreed and actioned. Not only is this a core principle of the Equality Act, it also forms part of the DWP's national strategy for supporting clients with disabilities.

  • I have  already been forced to accept extra commitments in order to get paid universal credit.

    These are:

    •  I have been made aware that failure to participate in my appointment and engage with Maximus could result in my benefit being affected.
    • i will attend all of my restart appointments and partake in the activities set by my employment advisor at Maximus. I will attend at the times that are prescribed to me from maximus.

    I will keep people here informed of my progress.

  • I found out recently that UC has zero empathy as well.

    Changing a job caused my pay day to move, as a result I had 2 pays in 1 month, and I did not get extra money from UC this month.

    And they keep sending me warning/reminders all the time about keeping up to date with my commitments

  • A couple of years ago I had a disability employment advisor as a work coach, but they've been reassigned.

    In 2017 I was referred by the job centre to another private company called Reed in Partnership.  These people were sharks, they got people off benefits and into employment by any means, lie about qualifications, experience, health etc.  Was their approach.  I once asked, " what happens if I get into a job which I'm unsuitable for and can't do?, the reply was, "that's somebody else's problem."

  • Robert, have you made them aware of your additional support needs? 

  • Mariusz, have you informed them of your recent diagnosis and how this impacts your job seeking?

  • I am continiously employed in low paid jobs on few hour contract and working maksimum possible 45h weekly on average, I live alone renting studio flat because nobody wants me for a flatmate. I managed until covid started and previous company turned it into a problem by sending me home, even though I told them I won't be able to pay rent if it continuous. it went on for 3 months 15h weekly emptying my savings. So, my friend T suggested to go to UC, since then they kept on adding a little monthly, about 10% of what I get paid. But their system is flawed because I do not work 2 jobs and they look at it like that. for the moment lost only one payment from them.

  • I forgot to say, and it's relevant, I had contract for 25h with that company

  • u do have to be so careful with "money chasing" organisations.