Places of Interest

I'm making a list. Google maps are open, a digital compass is swinging left to right; large mug of very milky tea and a pile of coconut biscuits by my laptop. Places to visit in the UK... September to December. Things of interest to do.

I've abandoned my annual winter trip to Gran Canaria (no sun this year) because of the uncertainty and hassle of vaccine passports, tests, and quarantine restrictions etc. I've given up on the idea of any foreign travel until next year when, with some luck, everyone will have got so fed up with being stamped, swabbed and scanned that things will return to normal and 2020 and 2021 will be an unpleasant but distant memory for most. This will be two years in a row that I've had my international wings clipped. None of the inept shower down in Westminster will ever getting my vote at an election!

But I digress! I've travelled to most parts of England, and a few regions in Scotland and Wales. I'm sure, though, that there are still hundreds of places of interest and attractions to visit around Great Britain that I've yet had the pleasure to visit and experience. 

If you have any thoughts, recommendations, suggestions, I'd be generally appreciative and demonstrably grateful for the opportunity to tap them into Safari and get my research going. 

  • Buy an unlimited bus or rail ticket, daily, weekly, monthly or whatever.

    Plan in advance but also be spontaneous, if a place looks interesting get out and explore 

  • As long as Labour don't get in, I'll be grand. Slight smile

    I didn't visit much of Britain, but the Coach Journeys - via the Belfast to Cairnryan Ferry - stopped at Tebay Restaurant at the M6 in Cumbria. Food to die for. (and Northern Ireland has good places to eat itself)

    The Train Station at Angylsea with the huge name is great. Was there en route to a school trip to France in 1994, then again in 2014.

    Glen Grant Distilery at Rothes was a good experience; however the Whisky Trail bus route - via Elgin - doesn't operate on Sundays. I was there on a Sunday - Burns' Day 2015. I had to wait almost two hours for a taxi to Elgin train station, and even longer for a train to Aberdeen. I also threw up at the platform. Then was sick again in the train and left the toilet unusable. (I should have brought my coat with me)

    Manchester is the one place I have affinity for, especially as my Cousin - who now teaches in Dubai - lived over ten years at Radcliffe; just before Bury. I was at the National Football Museum; bit disappointing but good to know Football History.

  • Lincoln is nice.  Cathedral city.  And many other old buildings.

  • I actually have a free pass!

  • Oh! That's a new one. I don't think I've ever been. I'll get some googling done!

  • Let me know if you come.  I won't bore or frustrate you on current affairs.  I can talk about a plethora of other subjects.

  • I looks like a lovely town. I've never been that far East.  I had a very bad experience in Nottinghamshire many years ago (Chesterfield) so I kind of dismissed the East of England after that. I have been past Grantham on the way to Cambridge.

    What is the character of the people like, M? 

  • Chesterfield is in Derbyshire. Mansfield in on the Nottinghamshire side of the border; than end.

  • I've been to Anglesey a few times already, Desmond. It's a quaint little place. I know Manchester like the back of my hand having worked extensively around Greater Manchester, Tameside and Cheshire (and growing up only twenty miles form the city centre). 

    I don't drink alcohol so probably not much of interest for me in a distillery other than pure curiosity.

    Now, Cumbria is a place I know a little having been many times to the Lakes.

    Curiously, I've never considered Northern Ireland as a place to visit. I think it's because I'm old enough to remember all the sectarian violence in the 70's and 80's. I know things have changed now, so maybe it's time to give NI another look. Where are the best places/attractions to visit? I'd still probably feel too self conscious with my English accent and would be totally paranoid about standing out. 

    Do we have to get swabbed on order to cross the channel and enter NI form the mainland?