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I'm making a list. Google maps are open, a digital compass is swinging left to right; large mug of very milky tea and a pile of coconut biscuits by my laptop. Places to visit in the UK... September to December. Things of interest to do.

I've abandoned my annual winter trip to Gran Canaria (no sun this year) because of the uncertainty and hassle of vaccine passports, tests, and quarantine restrictions etc. I've given up on the idea of any foreign travel until next year when, with some luck, everyone will have got so fed up with being stamped, swabbed and scanned that things will return to normal and 2020 and 2021 will be an unpleasant but distant memory for most. This will be two years in a row that I've had my international wings clipped. None of the inept shower down in Westminster will ever getting my vote at an election!

But I digress! I've travelled to most parts of England, and a few regions in Scotland and Wales. I'm sure, though, that there are still hundreds of places of interest and attractions to visit around Great Britain that I've yet had the pleasure to visit and experience. 

If you have any thoughts, recommendations, suggestions, I'd be generally appreciative and demonstrably grateful for the opportunity to tap them into Safari and get my research going. 

  • Have you been to Dorset? If not I can tell you of some places there.

  • Oh! You know I haven't, Kiki. I've been through it but not stopped. Yes, please. I'd love to know some interesting places to visit there.

  • Yes, anywhere along the Jurassic Coast is nice.

    My old stomping ground when I was little.

    Lot's of history, interesting geology, gentle rolling hills  etc. Then there's Portland, which is something else altogether with great views westward over the Fleet and Chesil Beach

    Well worth a visit.

  • Yes, but usually speeding past to get to somewhere else, hahah

  • Another problem with growing up in a tourist seaside town:

    Crowded, noisy, and chaotic in summer.

    Desolate, depressing, lonely in winter.

    Yah can't win...

  • I like the winter, it's better in towns like these.

  • Oh yes, I actually like the desolation haha.

    But my favourite is when it's sunny/cloudy and windy, with the waves foaming and crashing.

    There's a certain time of year, Jan/Feb if I remember correctly, when the sea takes on a silvery grey colour with a slight sandy tint. When the sun hits it right and the wind is blowing, it's fantastic.

  • Oh you're making me homesick. I've decided in 3 years time we are going back to Dorset. End of. Or I will go on my own. I'm tired of being away from Dorset.

  • I regard to the sea, I was talking about where I live now, but I'm sure it applies anywhere really. It's still the same coastline, just further along haha

    Funny, when I was little I didn't much like the towns because there wasn't much to do. But I never appreciated the lovely scenery.

    Nowadays, I still don't like the towns much, but I really appreciate the scenery.

    Haven't been back for a few years, so I might have to plan a camping trip...

  • No, different counties are different, wherever they are on the coast. Dorset has very relaxing, sleepy air, everyone used to go to sleep when they came to visit us. Unless we were extremely boring, haha.

    Compare the wild coast of Scotland to sleepy Cornwall, they couldn't be more different really.

    But it's what's on the land that affects the area of course.

  • I think what I meant was 'applied anywhere along a particular stretch of the south coast, due to the English Channel.'

    Although, further east might be different. And further west will be more impacted by the Atlantic. 

    Also, Dorset's pretty boring, that's why people fall asleep, hahahahahaha

  • Haha!

    Dorset SEEMED boring when I was a teenager/ young person. But now I'm old and slow, it seems like heaven. Hampshire is full of people trying to act like Londoners, trying to be cool and tough. Far too many motorways and cities.

  • Hahaha, I once worked with a guy who called people from Portsmouth 'Hampshire Cockneys'  (that was back in the early 90s)

    I was lucky, I was nearly born there haha.

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  • Oh god yes they are still like that. Hampshire Cockneys is the correct name. Trying to be cool but they aren't.

    I don't think people are like that in Dorset, they're more West Country. Or they used to be anyway.

    A few years ago we went to the Steam Fair, have you been? It was so much nicer than Hampshire, everyone was much slower and calmer.

  • One Walsall Fan said that he found a great B and B near Pompey to stay, whenever his Club were playing at Fratton Park, only to discover the B and B was at The Isle of Wight.

    Sounds like myself. Face palm