An intrest in researching

Hi All

Autism is a wonderful condition that so many people are getting gifted these days, as the lovely condition present strange interest and fictions on certain subjects as well going through phases. 

I'm one of those all through my life where I have gone through phases and strange intrests and I do alot of database work on subjects you can readily get hold of on the internet.

I have done research on Closed Pubs, Lost Streets, Mills, Bus Routes and plenty more weird and wonderful research database but my current fication and interest is Women Fashion no not the clothing items themselfs but I'm sure that will come at some point but where you get your fashion from. I'm creating a database to help in the future to deal with another human inside me that waiting to be relased I covered this in another post where I detailed my journey from fadopation and daigninoses to now. 

i was wondering what are other peoples strange researching interests or phases your are going through at the moment