My mum thinks ive been misdiagnosed with autism

I'm very frustrated because I got my diagnosis last June and felt like it made sense but my mum has two autistic boys. She spent months getting their diagnosis, the boys were asked so much in that time about there childhood anf growibg up, whereas I went to 2 sessions that were 2 hours each long and got my diagnosis after the second one (same questions about childhood but I didnt have any physical activities to do  just talking during my assessment). when I got my diagnosis my mum keeps telling me I'm not autistic and have been missdiagnosed it's really stressing me out because I cannot stop thinking am I autistic or am I not because I don't know if to go forward with it and think ok I get things wrong sometimes because I'm autistic or think actually something else is wrong with me that I don't know and I need to be rediagnosed because my mum said I never showed any of the signs when I was growing up as a kid I don't know what to do right now but I'm really stressed and cannot turn my brain off thinking about this. My mum's opinion is very important to me because she's my mum she's known me since birth so surely my mum is right?

Either way its keeping me awake and its hurting my brain not to have a 100% yes or no answer, I hate this so much, im so tired of thinking, my mum thinks I should be diagnosed with something like extreme anxiety as I get very stressed easily and I've recently recovered from a period of moderate depression.