It all makes sense.....

Although I am not officially diagnosed Aspergers although I'm 99.9% confident I am and still awaiting my first assesment I cannot help but think my love for Mathematics and Computers and playing chess could be related possibly to being an Aspie.

I have always found Maths interesting and although never an expert on it would consider myself good at it. Last Semptember I enrolled on a Maths GCSE course at my local college it lasted about 9 months I skipped a few weeks and end of year revision classes but still managed to pass and found out only 22% of adults aged 17+ actually passed the maths GCSE this year so I was really proud when I got my results a few weeks ago. 

I also enrolled on an computer course level 1 and passed this too all with working full time and living with a wife and kids. It was hard and stressful mind as I couldn't find my much needed time out but the enjoyment of working my brain made it worth while. I don't know if any of you are the same but I love working things out or fixing things or playing games console to keep my mind ticking feels great.

Anyway I also love chess I was in chess club at school and even beat a chess player whilst on holiday who kept bragging he was the "chess master". I find it hard playing chess on a games console for some reason and alot easier on the actual board game maybe because I'm up close and get a better view.

Anyway my point of this short story is I'm thinking maybe why I excel at things I enjoy could be related to being an Aspie and it would make sense.

Do any others on here enjoy Mathematics, Computers and Chess?

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    For several years the only school computer where I was. I actually got sent to play on it on my own instead of going to maths classes. I wish I knew what had been going through the teachers' minds when they decided I didn't need to learn maths; was I that obviously bored? So I effectively got Computing O Level early by self-tuition, as well as maths with about half the classes. Probably appropriate decisions by the teachers, but of course back then they only focussed on academic things, and missed intervening around the social differences (i was luckily reasonably popular, I suppose, so even if they thought it was a problem, it was outside their scope).

    I probably remember rather too much about the 380Z. It had a 4K ROM based at 0xE000, including the tape loader, video I/O and a software 'front panel' you could always access with Ctrl+F (actually a great idea - you don't need to run a program under a debugger). I wrote a Z80 disassembler in RML BASIC, using the opcode list provided in the ZX80 manual (CD=call, C9=ret etc), so I could take a printout home and spend the weekend reverse-engineering some assembler. 4K may not sound like much, but it probably took a few days. Other students were inordinately excited when it got a colour graphics card; I used that for some games and various purely decorative, 'stimmy' effects. And that ZX80 was cheaper bought as a kit, but I don't know anyone who actually managed to solder the components in correctly - had to send it back to be fixed and pay the extra. Do people appreciate that their everyday gadgets still use similar processors to those and the Acorn RISC stuff?

    Unfortunately, the cracks were already starting to show by the time I finished 6th-form, and the social demands of University crushed me completely - I turned from a model student to a severely depressed alcoholic within a few months, and quit my course a term or so into the second year to go hide from the world. I view it stoically these days.

    Pretty much the same here, minus the alcohol.

    went flying across the room

    A couple of mains shocks here, not quite flying. Evidently didn't learn my lesson the first time.

    We used to make all sorts of weird specialist equipment like fourier transform infra-red spectrometers, sputter & carbon coaters, laser microscopes etc. - it was a great place to learn about the fundamentals of matter.

    (relating to particle accelerator)

    I have to admit, this does make me a little jealous (though, no doubt, I am idealising it somewhat!)

    Yeah, is it possible this is what the tech was really meant for, not cat pictures?