Copybots, Offlines, etc...

I'm getting really tired of these.  I'm sure you all are.

There was another thread posted a few minutes ago.  The content is very vague and general.  The poster doesn't mention autism or anything else specific, and doesn't have a proper username.  Is it worth spending time on a reply?  Or should I first spend time searching to see if it's actually a copy of an earlier thread?  I really don't feel I have the time to waste for either. 

And now I can't even post this yet because I've been 'temporarily disconnected' - which happens an awful lot, too.  It's all doing my head in.

Until this gets sorted out properly, I'm going to be taking time out.

All the best, folks.


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  • I'm hoping not to annoy people with too much techie stuff, particularly Tom who started this thread.

    I've done a bit more research into Copybot (and posted it under 'What is...' and 'Technical countermeasures' here). Having found Copybot spamming other forums, I now think requiring a username would only be a short-term stopgap, and I'm not sure there's even an option for requiring it or an avatar on this forum, although requiring a profile or banning IP ranges may be possible. It's something we could ask @WebPM to look into, as we've been getting about two deceptive posts per day over the last week. It's clear to me now that copying threads is preparation for posting spam, and that there are automated ways of screening new posts better.

    Chatbots - Not sure if there are any here anymore... There are still many suspicious Posts though, as you say.

    Were there ever any Chatbots on this site? I think it was just spammers, Copybot and one suspected replicant who turned out to be human after all.

    Write your post off-line in an editor. 

    I wish I'd done something like that when I wrote a very long response on 'my' thread about sleep. Rather discouraged to add to it now. What I do sometimes is when I realise I've written a lot, copy and paste it all to an email window. A 'clipboard manager' is also a useful thing for keeping multiple bits of text - there seem to be Ditto and Shapeshifter for Windows.

    The 'trying to reconnect' pop-up is a bit oversensitive (i get it with iffy wi-fi), but I can't see it can be adjusted in the documentation. What does the main page of the forum show when this is happening?

    would use Linux, but I am waiting as if for-ever for them to bring out Hardware dedicated to it

    I think Dell do some with Ubuntu GNU/Linux preinstalled. You could also ask anyone techie to install it on your old hardware - one of the great things about particularly Lubuntu or Xubuntu is you can keep old hardware running securely for several extra years without spending more money or all the natural resources that go into a new laptop (and you don't need to wipe off Windows or MacOS if you still want it).

    I think we should raise Copybot on the copybot thread with NAS people next week, like  to ask if there's anything the web team can do.

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