This sums up my kind of love  

My love is not kind and gentle like your love. It’s not fair and gives nothing, other than itself. It fierce and unrelenting and it leads me, I don’t lead it. 

I don’t know about transcendent love, other than what I learned from you today, but this sums up my love.

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  • Out of curiosity ~ I’ll put it on here because the other thread is pretty long ~ but do people of the conditional love variety, ever wonder about my love. For example, do you see it as something worse, or better (your terms) or is it just a different kind of love to yours, no better, no worse, just different. I suppose I’m asking, do you deny the existence of my world like I do poverty etc? I haven’t got any qualms with your love, now that  I understand it, as much as I ever will, I just wonder what you think of my love?