I was wondering if any one knows.

I usually don't comment much anywhere, but I was wondering if anyone knows if I can get something at work that tells people something similar to that I'm depressed and prone to self harm? I'm wondering this since I don't want to be harassed by others.

I am extremely depressed and have been depressed for as long as I can remember. Whenever I mention anything about my depression or Suicidal thoughts to anyone I know the only solution they have is to get mad and yell at me. I'm at such a poor mental state that anyone being nice or mean to me just makes everything worse for me.

I'm at a point in life that I'm so badly depressed that I don't really remember why I'm depressed as badly as I am. I also feel like I'm one more Mental breakdown away from throwing myself into a speeding train.

I'm sorry with how I wrote this out I usually keep everything bottled up so I don't really know how to talk to anyone. I also can't afford to get any mental help for anything. I also feel like I'm completely worthless and if any one were to ask me to describe myself it would be the most negative things I can think about at the time.

I'm sorry if it takes me a bit to reply to anybody I have social anxiety and am usually scared to talk to anyone due to how I've been treated about my mental health issues every time I have brought them up.

  • Maybe you could wear a sunflower lanyard to let others know you have a hidden disability. You can get one at the customer service desk in some supermarkets.

    Also if you can wear large ear defenders or over ear headphones they act as a highly visible 'do not approach' warning to others.

  • Could you have a band or card that tells others you are depressed? I have an Autism card and a mental health card which I show to people when needed. That way you don't have to tell anyone but they'll know by reading it.

    I also suffer from anxiety and understand. Take your time. X

  • Hi there 

    It sounds like you're really unwell and struggling so if I could respectfully suggest something. Every A&E department has an emergency mental health team attached to it. If I were you I would attend your nearest one and be honest with them about how bad you feel.

    I hope this helps.

  • I'm sorry that you're in this situation.  I also struggled with depression for many years, including in the workplace.

    Is there an HR department where you work?  I would suggest that you speak to them.  If it help, take some notes with you or even write the whole thing out to overcome the social anxiety.  They will know if there's a procedure in your organisation for dealing with mental illness and there may be an occupational health nurse who can help you (admittedly that's more likely if you work in a bigger organisation, which obviously I don't know).

    When you say you don't want to be "harassed," do you mean there are people bullying you in the workplace?  That would obviously be a very different situation, although you should still speak to HR about it.

    I hope some of this helps.

  • Hi @NAS81005, I'm sorry you've been feeling so depressed, it’s good that you’ve let us know what’s happening/how you feel. Many people have similar thoughts when coping with so much and we hope you’re okay.  

    If you are unable to cope with the distress or despair, it’s very important to tell someone about your feelings or thoughts of suicide. Call your GP and make an urgent appointment. Your GP can make sure you get appropriate help and support. 

    If it’s outside your GP hours call  111 to reach the NHS 111 service: https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/urgent-and-emergency-care-services/when-to-use-111/.

    The Samaritans also provide confidential non-judgemental emotional support, 24 hours a day on 116 123, or by email on jo@samaritans.org. 

    MIND have information pages on coping with self harm or suicidal feelings based on the experiences of people who’ve been through it that you may find helpful.  

    If you are very close to doing something to hurt yourself - call 999 now or go to your nearest A&E department. There should be someone there to support you and make sure you get ongoing support. 

    You can find more information here: https://www.autism.org.uk/advice-and-guidance/topics/mental-health/suicide.

    I hope these help.

    Best wishes,

    Anna Mod