Another New Person


I'm a self-diagnosed female. I've been reading about Asperger's for a long time now and eventually decided to join this forum after watching Chris Packham's documentary the other day.

Hopefully i'll be on the same wavelength as some of you here. Nice to meet you all

  • Nice to meet you.  I like your name.  I'm diagnosed, though late as I'm now 60 and I got the diagnosis in my 50s.  You should find many people on your wavelength here.  Do you identify with some of Chris Packham's traits?  He seems to be more what I'd call 'left-brain' autistic as he seems to have quite a scientific/mathematical bent.  I'm more right-brained.  I find the outside world quite difficult and confusing, so I make sense of it through my imagination.  Or, rather, I re-create it that way.  Look forward to seeing you around.

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