hey im  just wondering have i done something wrong cause im commenting on peoples things but no one is replying to me but they are replying to other peoples comments  

  • Not at all. Same thing happens to me and I worry about it too. I don't often comment to anyone's but just because I don't comment doesn't mean I don't read what they are saying and agreeing with what they say. I like your postings. Keep it up. Thumbsup

  • Hey I think that too a bit sometimes but then I often read what people post/reply and I don't always know what to say or I don't think my thoughts would be relevant or beneficial so better not to reply.

  • Hi Matthew,  don't worry about it, that's the way forums run sometimes; it's not personal.  I've been on a similar forum to this (not ASD) for over ten years and it happens there too. For all of us, there are some posts we can add to and some we can't.

    I've just taken a look at your profile and see you like trampolining. As a former athlete I would love to say so do I, but alas I am too old for that now. In my youth, I was a champion sprinter and jumper, and pretty good on roller skates (but not the back-flip!).


  • just keep at it. it takes a while for people to get used to you but just go for it. I suggest you start your own discussion in the Autistic adults area  it has the most activity

    click here,,,,this link below ,,,,,, then on the right click on the "Start a discussion" button