New & Confused

Hi All,

I'm Julie, and am new to all This, my 10yo daughter  has just been diagnosed with Autism, and if I'm honest, I haven't a clue, how to discuss this diagnosis to her as I don't fully understand it myself, I would really appreciate some guidance. Many thanks 

  • Hi Julie & welcome to the forums. You may also want to post particular questions in the 'Parents & Carers' section.

    It's pretty confusing, even in the unlikely even that the discovery of your daughter as autistic is explained by the professionals. Often an NAS moderator comes along and points to pages here like

    The idea there of talking about differences sounds good to me, specifically differences in the way we think, and how it takes all sorts to make a world.

    Normally I might say visit the library as there are quite a lot of good books for parents and children (like those by Tony Attwood) - not much use right at the moment! Here's quite a good talk by him though: