Requested an Assessment: Underdiagnosed with Dyspraxia

As a child I was diagnosed as having dyspraxia, which means I have difficulty with information processing and motor-coordination. I now suspect that I was underdiagnosed, and that my processing deficit is comorbid, occuring along side a neurological disorder (ASD) that I consider to be the underlying factor for my other deficits.

I exhbit social deficits in speech that is similar to aphasia when I am anxious or experience cortisol stress, especially during severe depression. As a child I couldn't respond to questions, because I would be searching for what to say and how to say it - primary school was dreadful for me. Same for when having conversations. -- I am not a complete mute, but prefer not to speak unless I am familiar with the topic, and when I do speak it is not to have small talk, but to articulate an idea, or piece of insightful information related to the topic.

I have problematic symptoms when it comes to meldowns, as I have trouble regulating my emotions (although CBT seems to have helped). As I have an increased sensitivity to my surroundings, I have to close my eyes to regain equilibrium when overwhelmed when things flood in all at once; though I can't do this with noises.

Unique Sensibility to Environment:

Ever since I was a child I became aware of my capacity to sense aspects within an environment that I particularly find pleasurable in a deep foundational way.

Such as,

* Sense of being cocooned and isolated in a dark area of a museum

* Sound of water

* Outdoor environments, with combined aestetics (wood decking, long trees and heavy flowing water) based on my child memory at Disneyland

Those who are familiar with the YouTube channel - Primitive Technology will have a good sense of what I appreciate. Ten years ago I expressed a desire to want to pursue a career in nature photography and documentary filmmaking because of this need to be closer to nature, but resisted due to shifting interests towards design and engineering.