Hi, New here


I was diagnosed with Asperger's in 2011. I have never had any help or support since my diagnosis and I have always struggled with extreme social anxiety. I have always found work very difficult, but have managed to work on and off for most of my adult life, a lot of the time in part time roles. it's a massive battle though and I am not working at the moment, because of a back problem, but I have to admit I am using my physical problems as a bit of an excuse to not go back to work!! I work for a supply agency as a teaching assistant. I think a big problem for me is not talking about my diagnosis and trying to hide it, so I am trying to find out a bit more about how it affects me, how it affects other people and hopefully learn to feel more comfortable about it. 

  • Hi and welcome. You'll find loads of useful info on some of these threads if you have a poke around. 

    My AS affects me in as much as everything is just 'too much' too everything. Touch I hate light touch, although Im ok with it from certain people, go figure?

    Communication, small talk Im rubbish, can't see the point in it, Im way oversensitive to criticism and frequently take things the wrong way because if somebody says something to me and there is more than one possible meaning I end up analysing every possible meaning and getting my knickers in a twist. Smells, I hate strong smells, people being too close to me, mainly strangers. Busy places noise the hustle and bustle, public transport...

  • hello and welcome! I'm a teacher  -there are a few others on here who work in schools

  • Do you use Access to Work to support you? Not sure which country you are from but if it is England HR should be supporting you back into work. I love that you could come here and tell us. Anxiety stops us from doing so many things and the first step forward is sharing this. We'll done for taking that step. That shows a large part of you wants a way forward back to work.