Gp refused to refer?

Hi all I'm new here and am waiting for a diagnosis. Just wondering if anyone else had the same problems I experienced getting to this stage. 

I went to see my gp armed with a printout of the baron-cohen Aspergers test (scored 42/50). And told my gp I wanted to be referred. I was then told 'the NHS don't refer adults' (I am 37). I argued my point and told her that my suspicions of possibly having some form of autism were affecting my work and home life. She read through my test results and agreed to refer me although said that it may be rejected due to my age.  This was 3 months ago. I have been chasing this on a regular basis and have been told numerous times that everything is fine and the referral has been made only to now find out it has gone to the wrong service and now has to start all over again. Have anyone else come across barriers from the NHS?