New Member, bit at a loss since diagnosis

Hi All

I'm new here and I'm a parent of a child who has recently been diagnosed with Autism.

i have been given quite a lot of information on groups and charities to contact and also a few books to read but i have to say I'm feeling more than a little lost with it all.

any help and advice would be welcome


  • Hi All

    many thanks for the replies i was away last week o this is the first time ive had to get online and reply properly.

    i went away with my wife son and daughter. my daughter has been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. i have to say the holiday went well as with my daughter we had to change the way in which we talk to her and respond to her and patience is definitely the key.

    she sometimes stammers when talking to you and as i usually know what she intends to say i will finish her sentence for her which i now don't do and let her finish it herself. also being more patient with her in general and allow any fixations or OCD instances to run their course. she did seem a lot happier also even though she may not have noticed the change in me and my wife.

    my wife is not my daughters mother as we separated some time ago. so with that in mind the subject of autism came up in conversation between my daughter and her mom. she didn't really react only to say that she didn't want to have autism but was explained to her that she had a special brain rather than described as an illness. i have yet to speak with her since this conversation but am eager to see if she mentions this to me so i can hopefully help to alleviate any concerns she has.


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