Criminal Justice System interest

Hello everyone,

This is our experience

I am a mother of two young adult sons diagnosed with ASD, and learning.

I've had ongoing issues in education system with one son where he was refused full time education. But I took the local authority to court and won before hearing settlement.

The other has physical disabilities and going through the Criminal Justice Systems. He was bullied at every school that this has given him a detrimental impact to lack of knowing if he is being targeted by false friendships, not understanding social risks.

So today one son is getting full independent living, has a girlfriend and a carer. Has a great life now. But I had to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman for serious neglect by the local authority, so I suspect his support has improved over that investigation.

Now my other son who is disabled with Kyphosis, schermanns and muscular condritus, suspected Fibromyalgia, he has slipped the net of support. We had to take DWP to court for 6 years of refusal for DLA or PIP we won and we read the lies by the Assessors so he could not get it, yes shocking putting me down as my son's Wife!

My son has had false malicious allegations made against him a few years ago after he was forced to plead guilty to charges he did not do all. And yes made mistakes. The CPS was lied to by arresting police officers, I put in complaint to IPCC where the report only put me in a bad light and my son, to lie to the IPCC about their actions and lies, treatment. So IPCC could careless!

Now we have another allegation, and they are the friend of the false malicious complaint!

He has been on probation, been targeted by hate crime, using the police yet again. He is target for who he is.

If anyone could write a book it could easily be me!

I've seen solicitors telling my son to plead guilty to charges he didn't do, and I could not stop it. I've seen police lie.

It's totally shocking! Maybe the southwest Police are totally corrupt?

He's been forced to say he understands orders forced to sign statements, mistreated on police interviews, locked up for 10 hours on allegations dropped, became suicidal.

Social isolation due to bad experiences and physical disabilities

He has had a Forensic Psychiatic Assessment recently done to decide if he needs to go to prison and see if he understands his situation.

We have yet another non specialist solicitor that kicked me out of the room when speaking with my son for him to force him to plead guilty to more allegations during his plea, stopped my son pleading not guilty Infront of everyone!

Since then the allegation maker has been at my door asking for my son with the other complainer where I've report this to the police, but to them it's not a crime!!!! The police are so thick and dumb, they don't see the pattern, not the hate, entrapment crimes happening!

I pray in my heart Adults with Autism are now protected with hate entrapment crimes soon, because allegations are a form of hate, using the police for these hate crimes.

The police should see they are being used, but they don't.

So we are hoping this post on this Nation Autistic Society helps me campaign and expose our situation, and get some truth what's going on out here when teens use ASD young adults to get what they want out of them on false friendships.

Hate and entrapment crimes are easy on people with ASD. Easy target for the police too!

Let's put a stop to it! I will campaign if you all put me in the right direction. And I've been searching for months on NAS for help, but waited for the call, that they didn't deliver. I'm here to support NAS and share the horrors we've been through. I don't think there is nothing left we can go through.

Your ASD children grow up into adults, don't forget this. With all the main focus on children, we need young adult support.

Thank you for reading

Please be brave and share your experiences. No more shame!