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Good morning,

I had a text message from the surgery about having a free NHS health check. Phoned up straight away and got through quickly (a miracle); the receptionist booked me for 18th April in the morning. Failed to ask which surgery I preferred at the beginning.

Feeling bit nervous. I got this fear that the health care assistant will refer me to a dietitian. A family member does buy high cholesterol food in a supermarket and online delivery. Another family member and i tried to explain several times. Is that something I should explain at the appointment? If the chance arise?

Had the same text message from the chemist. High Street chemists are doing the NHS health checks.

Trying to walk fast and exercise during adverts.

Worth doing it.

You never know maybe OK in the end. 

  • I agree it is a good idea to go to your NHS Health Check.

    If you go to that one at the GP it means more Nurses who work there will get to know more about you (which could be helpful if ever need to go to the GP some other time about a different thing).

    So you can see a list of what sort of questions and conversations the Nurse might talk about with you in the NHS Health Check.

    This NHS web page


     tries to help everyone better understand why they run these checks and that you can say about the medical things which matter to you when you are there too.

    I believe it helps to know about some of the different topics they talk about with everyone (so that nobody should feel worried that they are only talking to you about something).

    They encourage everybody about improving different things. 

    They also think (a little bit) about:

    - your lifestyle and

    - that of your family members or

    - the other people living in your house or flat

    (because Nurses know we all can learn both healthy and not so healthy habits from each other).

    I think; as much as anything else, the NHS Health Check is:

    1) a good reminder (for everyone) to think about good healthy choices or options which might better suit you, and

    2) a chance to realise if you might have some new healthy habits to learn about and try at home.

    By the way, I don't think there are many people who get the healthy things right all of the time (so we can all maybe benefit from checking how we are doing / have some time to think about things we did not know about before / practice some new habits to see if our bodies might thank us for taking that extra care of ourselves over a longer time.

    I hope what I have described means you might not be as unsure now about going to your Health Check?

  • Hi there,

     I went for a health check at the surgery. Got to be seen a good healthcare assistant who explained everything carefully. The worst thing was the blood test (I can see the results online); I'd passed as don't smoke or drink. Usually get nervous before appointments. 

  • Lovely to hear the news that your health check went well (and that you ond the healthcare assistant both got on OK too).

    I think that is a good achievement for you to celebrate.

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