Am I evil?

For saying, "No!" to the Vaccine?

I had to be cute to others who asked me about the Vaccine, and say that I wasn't eligible. However, I don't feel comfortable doing so.

The receptionist at the Doctors' was understanding and didn't shame or virtue-signal me. But I am still trying to walk a tightrope.

  • It might be worth considering the reason behind your rejection of the vaccine.

    If you're uncomfortable with it, you've got your mind screaming at you not to do it, that it will cause you to feel discomfort, that it will be horrible, then you avoided the vaccine for a perfectly logical reason in that circumstance. Plenty of people with an actual phobia of needles or similar methods of delivery will not be wanting the vaccine. But their reasoning is not inherently evil, even if, to those without these worries, it seems incomprehensible.

  • No, you're not evil - you are making a personal decision - all decisions come with responsibility - if you're ok with your decision, then it's right for you.

    It's a very personal thing.   I do not want the vaccine - for all sorts of reasons - and feelings - but I realise I'm going to be manipulated and messed around if I don't submit to the coercion - and I don't have time to muck about - so I'm being stabbed on the weekend.

  • Every human has the capacity for evil, so yes - you are evil.

    As for taking a vaccine as yet unproven against new variants then I say go with 'NO'. You own your body, not the government. You may happen upon a circumstance that requires you to have had it injected. What will you do then?

  • Up to you. You will probably be giving someone else an earlier opportunity. I know why I will be having it eventually, so I would be very glad if no one  tries to use any overt leverage on me. There are some risks, but I see those as all part of the constant risk assessment we all engage in through out our lives. That also means i can change my mind if necessary, according to any further info that might happen to materialise. I hear stuff every day that might sway some people's personal decision. so you might say that the reassessment is almost daily. I also suppose that the more of us who have the double or single shot, the more it will help both us and those who choose not to have it.  Vaccines probably won't start (in  the country where I live) in earnest here for some months. I probably won't be first in the queue, so I am 'vaccinating' myself with quite strict social distancing and mask-wearing for the time being. That way i reckon i may also eventually have more control over the type of vaccine I get.

  • I have mine on the 1st at 7.07 pm ,not looking forward to it. But i think about smallpox and polio which were good things to get rid of .So i tell myself is this any different ,other than they made this a bit quicker . 

    No you are not evil its your choice

  • No, I don't think you're evil. What is it about saying "no" that makes you think you are?

    Although I took my shot. I get offered flu shots every winter which I have so I didn't see much difference. TBH sitting in the post-vaccine waiting room with those awful lights had worse side effects than whatever was put in my arm.  

  • Desmond,  'Evil'  is a very strong and ugly word. If you choose not to have the vaccine,  that certainly won't make you evil. It is your choice whether or not to have it.

    Like Ethan, I have a flu jab every year.

    Last year, they also gave me a pnuemonia jab.

    This year, I've had a covid jab

    All were my choice.

    I have no regrets.


  • Anything that the USELESS FAT CLOWN BORIS has had anything to do with will alwyas be tainted and fail. SO - I say *** THE VACCINE... We all know it causes blood clots on the brain. It does not work anyway.

    It has been rushed through by incompetence and idiocy. 

  • er the rate of blood clotting is less than the contraceptive pill. Boris may be an idiot ... but scientists are only sometimes idiots :P

    Let me be frank. I used to work for the government, I know exactly how incompetent they are. However in my view their incompetence was in forcing this vaccine to jump through all the hoops we make vaccines go through when their isn't an emergency on. I feel on balance there was an argument that the government was over cautious with the vaccine and had some safety corners been cut many many more lives and livelihoods could have been saved.

  • Thats the problem my step daughter has got blood clots from the pill and nearly died ,and my father had clots in his 50's [at the time he was running about 20miles a week] and my mother died of a clot in her brain. So all in all a bit worrying.