in pain

Since my Gran died I am in a lot of pain and going through a mix of things. I've never seen my parents so upset and that's hard to watch and live with but I'm also feeling overwhelmed as well. I have the funeral to think about, Im now worried about my own parents and when they will die and I know I won't cope without them which makes me wonder if it's even worth continuing to live. I don't see the point in it if Im honest. But I'm also in heaps of pain. I have a near upset stomach which feels odd and is painful, not to mention upper back back and pelvic pain both of which come and go Does anyone else get this? I think it's stress because of what's happened and what's happening currently.

  • Sorry you feel in so much pain Matthew. I'm not sure if the upset stomach and back and pelvic pain you talk about are related to stress or are separate issues. I recommend you look into those physical issues further. But on the subject of your upset, it's really sad when someone you care about dies. And I understand you feeling worried about your parents dying, if you feel a close bond to them. I think in time, though, you will find new connections and you will be someone's special someone yourself. Or who knows, maybe you already are.