I am 14yr old girl with Aspergers and I started my period at lunch today. I don’t know my dad for reason I don’t want to say so I live with my mum and older sister (she is 15) and I don’t know how to tell her I’ve started. How do I tell her? I fell so stressed, scared, worried, and anxious about telling her. What do I do?

  • As a father with ASD with a daughter I would say, and it is blunt as one would expect, grit your teeth, pluck up the courage, just come straight out with it to your mother. She will be fine, all mothers are. It is part of life and all people expect it. She will probably be more worried about it than you are. If you can talk to your mother and relate to her, she is your best asset in life and will take care of you. Being open with someone close to you is very important in life. Do not over think it. Do not over stress about it. Its not as scary as you think it is. If you have difficulty starting the conversion, go with something simple like "mum, can we have a chat about something personal?". I find reciting the conversion over and over helps me build up the courage to discuss things personal.

    Go for it and good luck.

  • Also, I should have said... One of the biggest tools for me in life has been writing it down. I cannot talk about really personal things but I can write them down. If I have a really big issue I write a letter to my wife, or I send her a lengthy text. You could always write to your mum, which could be a note that you pass to her, or I guess in this day and age you would be able to text / email / WhatsApp her a message, and if she know you have ASD and understands, you could also include the fact that you find it difficult to discuss in words and ask her to respond via text or note to start with. It will be fine...

  • Hi,

    No need to be stressed or to worry :) . It's completely natural and I sympathize. When I first had my period I was so scared of telling my mum that I got so worked up I made myself ill, eventually my mum worked it out and we had a sit down and a heart to heart. I felt so much better after we had talked.

    My advice to you would be to just get it over with and talk to your mum. She'll understand because she's already been through it with her own mum. If you feel that you can't talk to her face to face then write it out on paper and let her read it.

    I hope you can tell her soon because as soon as you do you will feel 110% better.

    Astridlora. X

  • ...Greetings Anyone reading... This sort of thing as a quandary puzzles Myself - I should say that I am Female, though. Periods are a thing which is about as "easy to hide" as nosebleeds or puberty. There is no point in trying to keep it secret, because it will be found out. Get over the stress or anxiety about it, since this will happen for at least 20 Years afterwards. BUT - there is of course no need to go around making it Public --- just discuss it with Persons (usually Women) who are important to Oneself.

    ...When My own began at school, I just said so, and that was that. (Sorry to seem blunt, Apologies in advance.)

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