Flying / Airport special assistance IATA

Flying for me isn't easy. Which I can stuggle with it all but it can be things can be made easyer. All airline's/airport's use the IATA codes for special assistance (International Air Transport Association)

Knowing the correct IATA code can making the call to airline a lot easy. As you should tell your Airline "Special Assistance" at least 2 day prior to travel that need this support (of couse the earlier you tell them the better). You can just turn up at Airport but be warned this is not advisable the it could take some time to get assistance to you, if at all.

The most commonly used code is for people with Autism/Aspergers is the IATA code is DPNA

Most (not all) Airports can give you hidden disabilty lanyard (free). You do not have inform them prior to travel. Have the persion with Autism or another fealow member of you party to wear it to get some extra support.

It could be a good thing to do both things and register with airline and get lanyard if you can.

Only a few Airports have Autisum sensory room, these are new thing 

Is there any tips which I have not mentioned.