Anxiety help for a 7 year old

Hi all,

my daughter is currently on the last part of her ASD diagnosis...

But her anxiety is taking over her life, I am hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction for help.

most recently she was so worried about going to school her whole body came out in a rash and she was scratching at her skin like mad, I took her to the drs who said this was caused from her anxiety, but given her age there is nothing they can do to help, but if I do find something she would be more than happy to help me.

She pulls her hair out on a regular basis, more so when shes worried about something

She hardly sleeps, and I have to stay with her until she falls asleep (this can be up to 3 hours!) and then I have to sleep with her, she is worried someone will come into her room at night, we have tried everything possible to help this and reassure her but nothing seems to work.

She has got fantastic at support at school with incredible teachers. 

Its always a struggle to get her into school, and sometimes I physically cannot get her in.

Her teacher has to meet her at the classroom door otherwise she will not go in.

she doesn't go out at school, she is worried about the weather. her teachers do encourage her to go out but she normally will sit in, in the office on her own!

She has lego therapy at school once a week, which does help.

She was having ELSA, but because she wasn't talking, they wasn't wiling to continue.

Can anyone please help me with anything that could help? could play therapy help?

Thanks for reading