teen sexual problems in need of advice please?

My son is 14 mild autism mild adhd and mild learning difficulties!

For quite a few  years now hes been sex mad, cant wait to have sex always asking questions. he came out the other day and told me he is pan sexual! 

now i am pretty open minded but he really caught me off guard has he is known to be a bit of a joker? and i laughed and said oh right son? then he got angry with

me and i soon realised hes serious....what do i do how do i handle this? he wants to tell the world, now im not ashamed in anyway shape of form but how do i prepare him for what 

people are going to say and react to him?

im thinkomg i not sure if he quite understands what pan sexual is? is there any groups i can attend or anywhere i can take him to talk abiut him.

thank you