teen sexual problems in need of advice please?

My son is 14 mild autism mild adhd and mild learning difficulties!

For quite a few  years now hes been sex mad, cant wait to have sex always asking questions. he came out the other day and told me he is pan sexual! 

now i am pretty open minded but he really caught me off guard has he is known to be a bit of a joker? and i laughed and said oh right son? then he got angry with

me and i soon realised hes serious....what do i do how do i handle this? he wants to tell the world, now im not ashamed in anyway shape of form but how do i prepare him for what 

people are going to say and react to him?

im thinkomg i not sure if he quite understands what pan sexual is? is there any groups i can attend or anywhere i can take him to talk abiut him.

thank you

  • Pan sexuality is a relatively common form of sexuality. I’m more of a sapiosexual but even that’s stretching it for me, lol, because in truth, I’m not really that way inclined at all. 

    Have a word with the school and see if the sex education teacher could give him a bit of extra time to help him explore the different forms of sexuality so he has a good grasp of the meaning of them. Failing that, I would probably suggest contacting local teenage support organisations or NAS, on the helpline, to see if they can suggest anybody or any group that might be of benefit. 

    You can let him know that not everybody is as aware as he is, in the different forms of sexuality. Most people are only aware of the most common types. So let him know he may come up against people who are unaware of the different forms of sexuality and they may not also want to learn more about them. 

  • Could you try playing a little dumb and pretending it's a new term for you and you're not entirely sure what it means? Then you can find out whether he does know/understand what it means whilst showing that you are open and interested in what he has to say. If he doesn't understand it could be an opportunity for you both to look it up together. If he does then that's the first problem out the way. Just an idea.

    For people's reactions I think you could only be honest with him. Reassure him that whoever he is and whatever his sexuality is perfect but that it's still a new term for a lot of people and when people don't understand something they can be quite negative about it.

    A group is also a great idea but I have no idea where you would find one. Possibly through social media?