Insomnia from shift work

I made a reasonable adjustments request to my employer to try and get more fixed hours instead of working shift work as doing very irregular hours is having a detrimental impact on my health and wellbeing. My employer has refused to do it dispite doing it for other colleagues. I've been told I can't as I don't have children  So I shouldn't be asking for fixed working hours. I feel like I can't get into a good routine with my job and reslly feeling the struggle of it. 

Any advice? 

Parents Reply
  • My employer has been awful at being supportive over adjustments, when I initially disclosed my diagnosis I got told to go my GP to check I was still autistic

    Good grief!  So, if you had a physical disability, would they send you off to see if it had healed yet?  That's disgraceful.

    If you're working in special needs care, then your employer should know these things.  Often they don't, though.  This wants showing up if they're commissioned to support autistic people.  Clearly they're not prepared to support you.  I had a similar problem, though, in my last employment - for an autism charity!  My issue clearly showed that their understanding really only covered 'autism with learning disabilities'.  I can't believe that your lot are actually criticising 'autism hour', too.  If that's their stance,  no wonder you're having problems.

    This is what I'm bothered about with the interview I have tomorrow, with a disability and special needs charity.  I enjoyed working there before, but they seemed inflexible on the 'shift change' issue.  It seemed - as with you - that they make one law for one, another law for another.  Fixed hours clearly do fit the service if they can give them to other staff.  If they aren't going to discriminate against someone with young children, then they shouldn't be discriminating against you.  Your reasons are just as valid, if not more so.

    If you aren't in a Union, you might find it useful to approach Acas.  I never have done and don't know how good they are, but you could look into it.

    Whatever way they want to try and spin it, they are clearly discriminating.  The example of the other colleagues is all the evidence you need, I would have thought.