"NeuroDiversity"... means Psychopaths and Sociopaths, too (nowadays).

"NeuroDiversity"... means Psychopaths and Sociopaths, too, now.
Just in case anyone here might not know.
Just in case I am not believed, here are links. (But also just type "NeuroDiversity +Psychopath and/or +Sociopath into your Search Engine to bring up lots of results.)
These do also admit that "ND" was a term originally coined by Autistics... but since then, the Psychopaths have adopted it, too.

Autistics worry and care... Socio/Psycho-paths do not. That is supposed to be the difference.



...I am Autistic, and I have to live with a person of one of those other types stated, there (My so-called 'Brother'). This is the reason why I post less of late... and I may eventually have to leave this Forum completely.

Now you all know.

  • Please DC, if anything is happening that is threatening your health and wellbeing. Please seek refuge elsewhere. I’m leaving this forum. I’ve just written a reply which explains why. But I can’t go without knowing you’re going to be ok. I care for you deeply. We may never have met in person, and that could be a good thing ;) but I still care deeply for you. 

    I have got to know you over the months. You’re so unique. So fair and so loving, kind and generous, expressed beautifully, in your own, beautiful unique way. 

    You’re always so respectful to people, which sometimes comes with a little mischief but you always bring love with you. 

    I would love to know if you’re ok and if you’re going to be ok? Truly. There is always somewhere to go and I would do whatever I could to help you find somewhere. 

    We can’t control other people, but we can decide what’s best for us. Thinking of you X

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