GP Appointment, how long?

So simple question, on average how long would you normally have to wait for an appointment to see your GP?

Depends on what the concerns or severity are of coarse, but to point out sudden worrying signs of deteriorating health for instance.

I rang mine today (11/12/2018, earliest being January 8th.2019.

Told them why and what my concerns were, made no difference.

just wondered if this is the norm out there?

thank you. ()

  • Same day and quiet happy to do consultants over the phone if needed (i.e. if requesting sick notes, repeat prescriptions etc)

  • 6 weeks for a general appointment limited number of same/next day appointments if you can get through when they open but these are sit and wait appointments ( have spent 4 hours in waiting room before) 

  • Within 2 weeks for routine, next day anything more urgent.

    Have you considered 111, the phone service, if you are that worried? 

  • Usually the same day unless I need it to be a specific time. I have an app for my gp that I can make appointments on. If it isn't same day then the app usually shows appointments for a week or 2 in the future. There is a wider choice of appointments if you ring up. Last time I wasn't sure I needed to see the gp or not they made a phone appointment for the next day.

  • If we want to book an appt with a specific doctor, then you have to call in shortly after they put up the next month's appts before they are all gone.  There are only a limited number of "scheduled" appts.  But we can call in and normally see one of the Doctors who are covering the general surgery same day as long as you're not fussy which doctor you see.

  • Seems to be in excess of four weeks most times now.

    It used to be that you could ring the doctor around 8:00am and get an appointment that day, but now they say that is for 'emergencies' only.  But if it's an emergency, wouldn't you call the ambulance?

    Then they wonder why people with minor problems go to A&E ...

  • Greetings. With "my own" GP Practice, it is about 1 - 2 Weeks. There may be an "Urgent" time where one telephones in and gains an appointment if another one has just been cancelled. But if they run behind schedule, an appointment may be rescheduled, which is their polite way of saying that it is cancelled after running out of time...(!)

     ...The main thing to say about DECEMBER however, is that it is Christmas, and so everything is thrown out of normal schedule, and after about December 5th nothing is planned anywhere in the Main until January. 

    Things are indeed exactly as Everyone else here says. & if this Question were asked in November or January, appointments would average between 2 weeks to a Month, depending upon urgency and Times.

  • Usually around 1 week for my GP practice. But it can vary depending on how busy it is. It's possible yours is a really long wait because of Christmas holidays. You could try dialing 111 for phone service consultation. 

  • When I had numbness in my arm and heart pains they saw me within a couple of hours. Normally it would be about ten days.