Planning meals /vegan

Hi there,

Can anyone recommend an app/book/method of planning healthy meals?

Food is an area I struggle with, the whole process of choosing meals, buying ingrediants and cooking.

I struggle with cook books as there is too much choice and they just don't work with my brain.

I think the change 4 life app is amazing as it does a random meal planner for you, you can change the meals it gives you if you don't like them and it adds the ingrediants to your shopping list.

Problem is, I have a lactose allergy and a lot of the meals contain milk or cheese.

Also, I want to go vegan to get a healthy diet. I want to eat more than just 5 a day.

But I cannot find any way of organising myself to be able to make and eat tasty vegan meals.

What apps/methods do you use for meal planning?