Peculiar tolerance to starvation

I have difficulty eating and drinking at work due to comments made to me by a former employer and issues with using the toilets where I work. Whilst I do notice at times I don’t feel great due to total starvation, on the whole I manage to go for the majority of the day with no food or drink at all, and when I’m struggling mentally (as it is currently) I can go a few days without consuming anything at all. Meanwhile, I somehow still get all of my work and activities done. Yet when I raise this with doctors (as I know this isn’t healthy) they always respond with ‘well you must have consumed something otherwise you would be ill from that’. But that’s just the thing, my body appears to have a peculiar robustness when it comes to starvation.

So I’m wondering, is this an aspie thing, is it because other than this I’m really healthy, or is it just my body being an unusual one?! I know of others with autism that have eating/drinking issues but I’m not sure how they manage that or how it affects their ability to function physically/mentally. Any thoughts?