What is your personality type?

Handi-andis raised this on another thread and I thought it might be interesting to see if we all have radically different personality types, or very similar ones.

You can take the test at 16personalities.com, it's a free online test and will tell you at the end what your personality type is, and give you some descriptions of how people similar to you think and behave. You don't have to pay for the Premium version.

I did the test before I discovered I had autism, and when I did some training on autism discovered that my personality type and the description of how autism affects people to be very similar. My wife also found it really useful (for herself and for me). I find my personality type is very descriptive of me.

As well as finding out what you're good at, you find out what types of thing you struggle with, so that you can understand yourself better. It helped me see what my brain was good at processing, and what my brain isn't good at processing, so I can make sure I excel with my strengths and then get other people to do the things I struggle with

Post your type here if you'd like to take part.

I got INTJ - The Architect. I'd be interested in finding out yours!

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