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The Police My Life Being Scared and Anxious

Dear All,

The above is not the pop band but our law enforcement.I have thought long and hard about posting about this issue but have decided to take the plunge.I needed to share somewhere I feel safe and can have some advice from like minded people and some understanding.

I have basically had trouble with the Police for around the last 2 years.Initially I went to them for help with my neighbours who were causing me a lot of problems.In our Road myself and my Sister who live together are very different.This has lead to in my view some horrendous experiences.

The Police have not helped and in fact any suggestion to de escalate and bring in Mediation suggested by me probably 50 times has been ignored or not put to the other side.

I am finding it too painful to relive all my experiences but I am gentle kind and not violent.The issues are all about spoken experiences with the residents that I have found negative.

When I am ready I will share some of this but the long and the short is I have been arrested twice now and had numerous Bail attendance and questioning and I am awaiting the CPS now for their decision.I also have a waring rom my Council who work with the Police.and I feel very scared overwhelmed and out of my depth.I have never been in trouble with the Police or Council and am in my 50s.All parties are aware I am Autistic have OCD and Anxiety.

Has anyone else had issues with the Police or Council they want to share or is there any advice you can give me.

Thanks for letting me share


I posted this last night and got a reply of 1 star what does a star reply mean?

Secondly does anyone get what I get which is fear of an organisation when you have had a traumatic negative experience if I see a police officer or a panda car I get so scared .

I get thoughts that even in this country your human rights can go with the flick of a switch .Let me know if anyone out there gets fears of other things.It could be fear of an animal because of a traumatic experience or a mode of transport.

Look forward to hearing other peoples experience and advice