The Police

Dear All,

The above is not the pop band but our law enforcement.I have thought long and hard about posting about this issue but have decided to take the plunge.I needed to share somewhere I feel safe and can have some advice from like minded people and some understanding.

I have basically had trouble with the Police for around the last 2 years.Initially I went to them for help with my neighbours who were causing me a lot of problems.In our Road myself and my Sister who live together are very different.This has lead to in my view some horrendous experiences.

The Police have not helped and in fact any suggestion to de escalate and bring in Mediation suggested by me probably 50 times has been ignored or not put to the other side.

I am finding it too painful to relive all my experiences but I am gentle kind and not violent.The issues are all about spoken experiences with the residents that I have found negative.

When I am ready I will share some of this but the long and the short is I have been arrested twice now and had numerous Bail attendance and questioning and I am awaiting the CPS now for their decision.I also have a waring rom my Council who work with the Police.and I feel very scared overwhelmed and out of my depth.I have never been in trouble with the Police or Council and am in my 50s.All parties are aware I am Autistic have OCD and Anxiety.

Has anyone else had issues with the Police or Council they want to share or is there any advice you can give me.

Thanks for letting me share

  • All i will say is that You are amongst many, including Myself.

  • this is so true and is my situation thanks so  much 

  • dunno it depends on the situation and whether the police saw you as the trouble maker or not.

    or maybe whether all your neighbours were against you so they dont care if your right and wrong but rather are going by the easier solution to handle you as a single person rather than them as multiple people. the police often go down the path of less people to tackle which means they enforce a majority mob law whether the mob is right or wrong they dont care they just wanna handle the less amount of people.

  • I see it as an indication of how much the topic was popular (how many peopel bothered to rate it) and the number of stars shows how much those people who rated it, found it "agreeable" or "good". 

  • Well it IS a secret society, so who indeed knows? 

    I found as a young motorcylist in the seventies (my first real interactions with the police) that my stance, way of drawing breath, and what I said (or how I said it) seemed to be automatically "offensive". 

    When I grrew up enough to be a victim of crime (burglaries mainly) I also found the police not much use to me and liable to make things worse, and the business with my narrowboat was the last straw really. 

    I was "compliant" for years, as far as the police go, but now I treat them as an organisation with zero respect, I Put THEM to the question, if I need to interact with them officially, but make every effort to be nice, reasonable, and pleasant to the actual person underneath the costume, because some of them, do have some humanity left in there despite the culture. 

    It takes a special sort of MAN to be a local policeman working a local beat like they used to do, and you still meet those sort of people in the police, but I think we found we hand insuffient of those to run the police the "Dixon of dock green" way any longer.

    We have ONE designated "local copper" and he really does NOT have "the right stuff". In conversation even I can get his voice to raise in pitch and start issuing threats just by looking at him funny whilst I talk. 

    Here's a good example of how interacting with the police works for me:

    I hear a motorcycle with a nice exhaust being ridden very sensibly coming up the road at 3 this morning whist I am sitting at my computer, which suddenly changes abruptly to the sound of a motrocycle and vehicle collisiion, unusually with no change in teh engine note, such that I know the crash was unexpected, so I went out to offer assistance. Long story short the car had actually rammed the motrocylist before the occupants fled, and he was hiding in the hedge and hurting and scared, so I took him hme to sit dwn, my O/H phoned the police and ambo and I made him a cup of tea. When teh plod arrived I went back to teh scnce to secure his ignition key and tell them that I had him in my house. the two coppers were asking quetions but when I stepped up to say, "I have the rider in my house" all the nearst plod could do was bark orders at me to stay back". They were so unintersted in CO-OPERATING rather than issuing orders and demands, that I ws unable to get noticed trying to provide the answer to the question they kept asking! Fortunately the rider had followed me out of the house so I left them all to it.

  • thanks so much and I ma glad you have not had bad experiences it is how it should be

  • I personally have never had any bad experiences with the police, and am at a complete loss as to what to suggest with the situation you have found yourself in. Sorry! Pensive

    As you have suggested mediation, it is disappointing that it has been ignored, or not put to your neighbours. In my opinion, it demonstrates that you are willing to work with your neighbours to find a solution that you can all agree upon.

  • It is all very mysterious but more importantly any thoughts on dealing with Police and have you ever had a negative experience with them

  • I once knew someone who worked for the police, who had been actively encouraged to become a freemason by his father (a former policeman who had also been a freemason), as this would apparently greatly improve his chances of a promotion. The person refused, stating that if he got a promotion, he wanted it to be on his own merits, and not because the freemasons had given him a leg up and pulled a few strings.

    On the topic of freemasons, my dad inherited a masonic ring from his father. To the best of our knowledge, my grandad had never been a freemason. For years, my dad wore the ring because he liked the design and considered it unusual. However, he eventually stopped wearing it because he found himself getting accosted by men who (understandably) thought he was a freemason and would question him about the ring.

  • Hi Tree spirit I need my support on here and you are correct.I have had a better day today as have had engagement with my medical team who get me

  • Hi I have heard of the Free Mason theory and Friends in high places who knows .I think the issue is the Police just are not trained on neuro diversity and think it is just we are backward and slow learners

  • Hi Rosie,

    Thanks so much have gone through the guides here already and unfortunately the Police have not heeded these reasonable adjustments.

    Hope all good with you have had a better day today

  • Dear NAS93846,

    I am really sorry that you are going through a difficult time at the moment. I understand why this situation makes you feel scared and overwhelmed. I can see other online community users have offered helpful advice and support. 

    You may want to look at our resources on the criminal justice system, this section offers guidance on how to make the Criminal Justice System experience better for autistic people and their families 

    Kind Regards,
    Rosie Mod

  • I got advice, about the police, Oh yes. 

    Avoid them. They never make things better for you, if you haev problems and often make thngs considerably worse.

    Unless you are one of the protected classes, or positively involved with freemasonry. (I've read up on it and it's some weird cult at the top and a seemingly benign social club at the bottom. A semmingly benign social club where nevertheless it's members swear a blood curdling oath of secrecy & loyalty whilst blidfolded and obblivious of the (actual) sword bieng pointed at their chest!! ) 

    I'm so glad most of our chief officers are (alledgedly) members of that, at least we know where their loyalties lie....

  • I think the star system could be anything according to how each person feels eg:

    1. It could be voted down if it's s triggering topic for another person.
    2. It could be voted down if someone doesn't understand what is being said on the post
    3. It could be voted down if someone else has similar dealings and doesn't want to see it on the discussion
    4. It could be a complete error for someone posting
    5. It could be like me where I only recently saw the vote ups and stars so sometimes use them but not always because it can become overwhelming going through all the replies which don't follow a logical order in my mind.

    To reply to your post, I can see how scary and overwhelming the whole situation is.  I hope that within the services you are in touch with, someone helps you to disprove the feelings that everyone is against you, it's awful feeling there is no support there.   

  • thanks so much Spikey have a good day mate

  • This is only my opinion, but for a board that will have a lot of anxiety issues, I don't think the vote down and star systems are ideal. Vote up, yes! Vote down - this should not be here.

    Please don't worry about the stars system - it's gone to 4 now - just forget it.

  • Thanks Spikey,

    I think if you are going to reply give a view .The calm and polite is good advice unfortunately I am not aggresive or violent thank god.I get rattled and i react through my gob either laughing extreme upset or saying what I think I cannot help that and people on this forum understand and I enjoy sharing.

    Thanks again

  • I don't understand ratings either. I've just scored you five which makes an average of 3, now.

    I'm not much help with your question other than to say that you should always remain calm and polite in dealings with police. They are a hammer which see most problems as nails.

  • 3.5 stars now can I get a star explanation please