Pet Peeve with Autistic Women

Why do they ALWAYS insist on dying their hair purple, pink, blue or -  worse still the partly-green Billie Eilish look?

Do they want to grow up, or what?

  • Woman tend to be liberal therefore operate under the the thought process of anything goes. When you look at how woman vote they tend to vote liberal for open boarders and pro immigration. Woman have been destroyed by feminism but i am sure if i try go into this more i will get censored again. I imagine hair colours out of the ordinary is a cry for attention or i am different.

  • I dye my hair and I’m not sure it’s actually anyone’s business what I do with it. Why would I not want to dye my hair my favourite colour given the opportunity? Pretty sure plenty of NT women dye their hair and plenty of ND probably don’t. Let people be, each to their own,  if you don’t like it don’t dye your own hair?

  • This isn't your 'cup of tea' methinks. LOL 

    Does it matter? 

    Why create a painting? Why write songs? Why bother with fashion? Why asethetics AT all??

    Expression is a fantastic form all animals engage with. Birdsong to Hair dye. 

  • I don't. I've never dyed my hair in my life, and I'm a boring old brunette.

  • because they think its edgy and unique i guess..... but then it causes so much damage and thinning of the hair, my sister dyed her hair for long time, its not gone very well for her, its a aweful mess of a look now with the amount of colours she had in i guess they all mix to be like a messy paint pot with too many colours in, just comes out as some dark mix that you cant tell what it is but only know it as a mess..... and her hair has thinned as much as a mans hair does now... probably more so.. if she kept it natural her hair would have been a nice brown and would be thick and full and clean looking....

    but yeah women always go for fake stuff, even their makeup can be too much at times...  girl in chippy looks like a full on clown with all makeup on her face and looks like she exploded her lips surgically too, its not a pretty look.... shed have been very good looking though without all that crap on. its a shame they are led by celebrities and capitalist companies that tell them all this stuff looks good and convince them they need it all when infact it doesnt look good and all it does is give their money to these lying companies that tricked them lol

  • People do stupid things.  Usually (but not exclusively) the younger they are, the more dramatic a statement they're trying to make.

    In my case that'd be my tattoos.  Thought I was the *** when I first got inked, a little bit more grown up now.  Now they serve as a permanent reminder of better days, but days I wish I'd spent more wisely too.

    At least hair dye isn't permanent.

  • I've found the opposite - all the aspie women I know are natural-ish hair colour.      Is this a regional thing?

  • I haven't dyed my hair. Can't be bothered. But even if I decided to, it's not being childish, just self expression. women have dyed their hair at least since the 19th Century, it's just that those colours were, for the most part, more natural shades. It was only a matter of time before more vibrant colours began to filter into the salons.

    In fact, I've just looked it up and the first synthetic colour to be created was called Mauveine in 1856. A purple colour.

  • I'm Capitalist, but want NOTHING to do with that Celebrity nonsense. :)

    There's nothing wrong with Fashion, or make up, but within reason; please!

  • It was my observation from The Autistic Gardener on Channel 4 - whenever it was on. Also that girl from Wakefield; who did a Ted Talk in Washington DC whenever she was Sixteen.