What does 'want you to be ok' mean here?

Because like i've said before, i dont know anyone that hates you. There are lots of people who care about you and want you to be ok.

  • (Greetings. Sometimes I do things I might regret later, in this forum, and "First replies" are pretty high on that list. But as this is posted Twice and no-one else answers yet, I shall give it a go.)

    Is this Title/question referring to what was posted upon this other Thread...?:


    If so, then what they say there (in that Thread) answers this here Thread. As a thing is Posted in "social media", a person genuinely friendly might be gained; That person is trying to be nice and reciprocate niceties. So it is another way of asking "I hope You are OK, and if not then maybe it is something I can give (more) advice about?"

    ...I cannot really comment about the rest of that Opening Post. One cannot know *everything* about anyone else met upon Social Media unless that same person is known in real life. There is both Love and Hate out there...That is how Life (currently) is.

    (I hope this is understood... It would help if someone else said something, though.)