Do you think that this person is my friend still?

I look at my friends list on Facebook a lot, and it says how many friends that my friends have. Today, I was randomly on there, and noticed that one had dropped from about 350 friends to 250 friends. 

Does such a rapid loss of friends suggest that they had a cull? They rarely post statuses, so it couldn't have been like they posted something and 100 people unfriended them. I am still friends with them. 

Do you think that this means they are still my friend/care about me? I have Aspergers, so find it hard to socialise. I have obviously spoke to this person before at University, but I am so naturally introverted that it is hard for me to do so, even though I want to. They see, to have 'unfriended' people who have better social skills with me, and engaged far more socially with them than I did. 

I am so glad that they didn't unfriend me, as they may not have realised it, but I would have been devastated, as I really care about them as a friend - my Aspergers just makes it very hard for me to show this. 

Do you think that they still are my friend and do you think that they still care about me? They just seemed to have 'unfriended' people who were much closer socially to them than I was - but then I find it so hard to overcome my natural shyness. 

They said this (below) before to me when I was upset: 

'[my name] you can always talk to me :) and I dont know of anyone who hates you you're such a lovely person. There are lots of people who care about you and want you to be ok'

  • I am sure you are a lovely person and certainly very considerate.

    It's a tough one to say really as everyone's friends are different and will have different connections and relationships.  I have met some people who's best friends are online - they have never met them.  Then I know of other people who treat Facebook on a very shallow approach.  The number of friends they have is almost an achievement of how great they are - the actual people in most cases mean nothing to them.

    Then there are other people who get overwhelmed by the number of posts and their news feed due to the number of friends they have, so 'cull' their list so to speak to unsubscribe from people.

    I personally hate social media and find it a  minefield due to the above.  I would say deep down you know the people who really care for you and it doesn't matter whether you have one friend or 100 genuine ones.  Facebook promotes vanity stats, but it does not highlight the strength of relationships with your connections.

  • As starbuck said, you cant tell by social media. I have neighbours on mine too! 

  • Lots of people have Facebook culls; when I've done it in the past, I either remove people who I haven't talked to in several years, or people who have posted offensive/upsetting things that I'd rather not have to read.

    The fact that this person hasn't removed you suggests that they're still interested in you and your life. You could always send them a message to see how they are - that might start a conversation and help you to get in touch with them again.

    Their message sounds like something a friend would say, so that's a positive sign.