Housing problem

My 31 year old daughter has been living independently, with some help from us, for a few years in a council flat. Unfortunately a few months ago a very noisy family has moved in upstairs and she's not coping well at all. I'm worried for her mental and physical health. Not sleeping, stomach issues with the stress and unfortunately alcohol binges when the stress gets too much. We've been in touch with council and she was told 'to respect their way of life' and obviously they don't realise the affect of noise on her. They said that the only way to move is to swap but there doesn't seem too much interest in the area she lives (It's not a nice part of the city and I'm constantly worried for her safety being a vulnerable adult, but thats another story!)

Someone has suggested getting her a social worker to help? Is this a thing for an adult with Aspergers? How do we get one? I've made an appointment with her GP, will he refer her do you think? I feel,after all these years, we could really do with some help from someone, it's also taking it's toll on our health too with the worry of it all now and in the future.