Changing times

  • I'm not formally diagnosed. I was born in the 1980s. I'd hold the dinnerladys hand in the playground at primary every lunch time. Id wet myself as the toilets smelt weird. I wouldn't eat lunch as the canteen smelt so strong and the noise was too much. I didnt have friends. In high school still no friends but I'd try everynow and again to talk to girls. Most lunch times I found a bush to sit in and eat my lunch! I'd melt down at home and get hit. I'd spin and wave my arms. My mum would say she could never understand me. I feel like I was cheated somehow, if I'd had diagnoses I wouldn't have had the awful life experiences I've had. Wouldn't have been used and abused by various people. Wouldn't have tried taking my life twice. I feel sad for the life I've had and for the life I could of had. Hope this makes sense, anyone else feel like this?
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