cognition and out of body feeling - stuck in thoughts

Hi all

so.... i May have posted about this before and it’s improved to an extent since I last posted. 

I wake up and feel very foggy headed and very much in my thoughts. I’m incredibly anxious because I’m trying to gather all the information I need to get started with the day. It just doesn’t come automatically. Disconnected from the body.

What is your morning routine and do you experience something similar? I noticed when I go downstairs and get a drink of water i drink a bit better. Is this something that could be made easier with adjustment to diet and hydration, even exercising as soon as I wake up? What are your thoughts on pressure vest?

  • If I get up and go straight out I’m fine.  During the week I get up, go and make a flask of tea and my food for the day, brush my teeth, get dressed and leave the house.  All within 25 minutes. If I don’t do exactly that my day goes to ***.  I struggle to get dressed, none of my clothes feel right, i can’t work out what order to do things, I get really angry which I guess if actually anxiety but I just know I feel angry and frustrated because nothing feels right.  At the weekend I now try and stick to this and I go straight to the gym or for a run, and then I get home and have a shower and have breakfast and my day runs better. 

  • It happens a lot. I get a few times when I just can't do anything. Usually, because I'm ignoring something.

    Usually, I have a schedule that is the same every day. I do not have to think in the morning. I wake up open the window, drink some water. then check my list of todo. Every Friday I look at what I've done and what I need to do. If I have something on my mind, I pencil it into my diary at night for the next day or a suitable day.

    But that is not working at the moment. Because I have three very big projects I need to do. And I'm stuck. Only today I had to go to a higher level and plan in the dues dates for these things. These forced "down days". should really be planning days. But I "forgot" to do them every Friday. And that built up to actually be doing nothing.

    The stuck feeling is your body saying you are ignoring something BIG, important or emotional. Get help or plan out a way to help yourself.