Street lights and other lighting

Does anyine else have a strange relationship with street lights as I do?

Im all for energy saving to help with climate change but im really struggling with these new bright white (LED?) lights.

A lot of the street lights round here are being retro-fitted with the new white light. I much prefer the warm tones of the old style orange or peach ones. Is it just that i like things just-so snd unchanged? The old orange ones rrmind me of being a child. To me, the white light is like the visual equivalent of the sound of a bad chord on an untuned piano. Does that make sense to anyone? It makes me feel uncomfortabke and a bit uneasy.

Since New year, there have been 4 neighbours who have had  white security lights installed outside their homes.The house at the back has lights which shine into our back bedroom. Its not majorly bright but its the colour of the light i dont like. The lights they had before shone in a bit but were a warmer light and it didnt feel invasive.

When we lived in a second floor flat, some new car park lighrs were installed which shone directly into our living room. There was only me who seemed bothered by it (not partner or other neighbours) and i got the council to re-angle the light.

These white lights make me feel uncomfortable. In places like supermarket car parks where they are really bright, the birds are singing at 10pm at night because the lighrs mimic daylight. It fills me with despair. This is messing with our body clock as well as nature.

My partner said he has never heard anyone go on about lighting as much as me. Is it just me?!