Advice needed on draft diagnostic report

Hi everyone,

I finally received my draft diagnostic report last night. I had intended to share part of it with my employer, but having read it I do not feel comfortable about this. There is relatively little in the report relating to employment and it is so deficit focused that I am concerned about the impact it would have. 

I've been given an opportunity to correct inaccuracies before the report is finalised and I'm considering whether to ask for more significant amendments: 

  • Greater specificity about the assessment process and diagnosis (DSM or ICD? diagnostic code?)
  • What ASD is, how women may present differently, and the impact of very late diagnosis 
  • Information on autism at work - including particular challenges discussed in assessment  
  • Austistic strengths at work - in general and with reference to my skills and career history 
  • Employment recommendations (only one in the report but I was emailed more previously)  

I would be happy to draft the additional material myself and ask for it to be added to the report. Perhaps this would be seen as inappropriate though? 

Just wondering how you felt when you received your diagnostic report - were autistic strengths highlighted as well as deficits? If you were working did you share all or part of the report with your employer? 

I've been waiting a very long time to receive the diagnostic report so I was a bit surprised by its brevity and lack of specificity. I have not seen any other reports so maybe mine is typical. It is a rough draft (typos, missing words) which Is difficult for me too. I would be upset if the final version included mistakes but if I correct the grammar and spelling I might cause offence. 

I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer. I expected to have some negative feelings about my report given the assessment process is based on the medical model. However, I thought it would contain more information relating to employment as this was the main problem when I referred myself - we also spent much of my assessment discussing it. 

Thank you!