Are there any women here? #2

This is a root and branch (pardon the pun), fresh-start, clean slate thread...and continuation of the Are there any women here? post 


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  • I think we are luckier to be living here in this time and space than elsewhere.

    A hundred years ago I would have been forced into marriage and 'moulded' by an abusumive husband/father into however he saw fit and forced to breed, even if childbirth eventually killed me. And 500 years ago we all know what happened to eccentric spinsters with minds of their own.

    Even now....I am glad not to be living in Saudi Arabia, or a country where honour killings may be the norm. Or I could have been born where genital mutilation us the norm.

    I can votr, work and own my own property. But there is still nothing to be complacent about. We could go back, The Handmaid's Tale fashion.

    I do not really do girly either. I loathe sexism but then women can be misogynists too! I prefer the straightforwardness of men too. I just think most people, neorotypical or not, are just not that much. That is, the species of ape we all belong to that pollutes, abuses, exploits, pushes other animals to extinction and could be happy to bush the button.. Probably my own good self  included. I like to fondly think I would not have kept pressing the torture button in the Milgram experiment, but cannot be sure about that, if I hadn't been wise to it. 

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