Struggling Teenager at Uni !

I'm the Grandma of a 19 year old. He's been diagnosed as dispraxic, dislexic & possible aspergers. He's struggled all his life , no friends at school , bullied etc. 

He's very, very interested in astronomy and has just started a foundation year in astronomy/physics. However he says he's getting stressed & struggling and is talking of leaving. It's everything he's ever wanted and I'm so sad for him. He's above average IQ and a good memory. 

I dread him leaving University as I've no idea what type of job he could do. I hate the thought of him doing a boring job when he was so looking forward to a career in astronomy. 

Could anyone give me any advice for him or suggestions for his future?

many thanks 

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  • Has he contacted the disability services dept? They could support him with accessing an autism mentor to discuss his issues and strategies for coping. They could also provide support with a study skills tutor and maybe a proofreader due to  his dyslexia.