Punch bags for sensory release. Good idea?

Our son is seven/non-verbal and generally doesn't have too many behaviour issues but recently his been getting more sensory seeking. We've been doing sensory circuits, brushing, joint compressions, etc. during the day but at bedtime it isn't enough and he goes into an sensory seeking overload and is hitting/kicking basically until he runs out of puff and has got it out of his system. Then he just gets back into bed, settles down and goes to sleep.

We were thinking of buying a punch bag for him to get it out of his system instead of directed at us. Has anyone had any success with this and if so can you recommend a good bit of kit? 

Thanks in advance, Neal

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  • Hey Neal,

    I see this is a few months old, but hope I can help. I am an adult with ASD, and I find all kinds of fitness activities useful for helping me manage my emotions. When I was in school, I did not want to take part in PE lessons as I had very high social anxiety, and even as an adult I don't like to go to the gym.

    However, I set up a gym in my garage, and have a punch bag in there, too. I find it helps a lot, but not sure how appropriate it would be for younger ones? Supervision would be essential I would say.

    Regarding a good bit of kit, I have set up a price comparison site for fitness equipment. My ASD obsession is fitness and music. I have tried to add as much info as possible about the products we have on there - including embedded videos where available to help make decisions, and have produced a guide on what to look for when buying boxing gloves - a necessity if using a bag to ensure hands are safe.

    Check out some punch bags here.

    I hope you find this useful in some way.


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