Young Pen Pals

Hi there,

I've just joined the community becasue I really want to learn new ways to help my nine year old daughter who was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome only a few months ago.  Me and her mum separated about seven years ago so she has always been used to mummy and daddy living in separate homes but she has been through quite a lot of emotional trauma.  For example her grandad, who she was very close to, passed away from cancer quite suddenly and generally her behaviour has been eratic.  We are at our wits end at times but we really want to help her find new ways to release her energy and to express herself.

Me and her mum attended a discussion group last week where we were able to meet up with other parents whose children also had varying degrees of autism and ADHD.  It was a really informative meet and we were able to discuss and share stories and ideas such as how to help your kids get off to sleep at night and one of the things mentioned by one of the other parents was pen-pals.  My daughter doesn't really have a lot of friends and it's basically just her and me when she comes to my house but she loves to play minecraft online with other children and she also loves to send emails and to write letters.

So I was wondering if there were other parents using this forum who had children of about a similar age who might be interested in making a pen-pal and/or even a new online game buddy?

It would be great if somebody on here could help us out.  I apppreciate this question might have already come up lots of times in the past but I thought it was easier to start a new post rather than trawl through the older posts 

  • Hi my 6  year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with having autistic spectrum disorder,even though we kinda knew when we had it confirmed I was heartbroken. Am still trying to get my head around it and look for whatever help and support is available for my daughter, also I would benefit in having like minded people because its only someone who is going through the same thing that will understand 

  • Hello, I'm mum to a nearly 10year old boy who likes minecraft online...

  • Hi, I`m a mum to a nearly 13 year old girl. She was diagnosed with autism at age 5. She loves art, drawing, anime, Comic Con and reading. She loves anything and everything Japanese. She has very little confidence and even less friends. It would be lovely to find her a friends with similar interests.