Clothing issues

Hi all. I'm new to the group so sorry if this has been asked before. My 10 year old daughter has a new diagnosis of autism after 7 years of struggling with her behaviour/traits etc. However we are struggling increasingly with clothing issues. Everything is too tight/scratchy etc etc  the biggest issue is underwear And dislikes anything that she has to wear. I've tried all styles of underwear and a range of sizes. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions. Specific seamless underwear are just too expensive. Please help!!

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  • Hiya Alice116.  My daughters favourite outfit is no clothes too. She refuses to wear anything on her legs so trousers, tights and leggings are a no go. She wears skirts in all weathers which is also difficult. Her body is starting to develop so that's now becoming an issue. Thanks for your advice though, much appreciated. 

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