dealing with guests at home - aspie daughter

Hello. I'm new to the forum. I hope it's ok to start a new thread on this as I've looked and can't find anything on this particular question. My 11 year old daughter has had to deal with frequent visitors to the house in the last 6 months and she is getting to the stage where she is highly anxious about visitors and refusing to let anyone come in. Is this a common thing? Any advice on how to handle it? My instinct is to respect her limitations but I don't want to get to a situation where no one can visit us. She has not yet been formally diagnosed but has a working diagnosis of HFA with possible personality disorders.

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  • We need our time alone, our house or room becomes our fortress.  Even the presence of family members can cause anxiety when we want to be alone. Wee are highly intuitive and sensitive to all subtle energies. If she is not comfortable with guests.. Let her me alone.. Don't force it. When we are ready we will be sociable 

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